Best April Fools’ Pranks

Pranking employees or customers on April fools’ day is kind of a custom nowadays. Whether it be a means to jump-scare someone or just to get a laugh. Following is a list of the best April fools’ pranks by brands over the last 5 years.



It’s no surprise that google never misses an opportunity to play a prank, and April fools is no exception. In 2019, the company claimed to have a feature for cleaning your screen using the files app in all android devices. After detecting smudges or imperfections and cleaning them, it also supposedly adds a not-stick shield using micro vibrations to further protect your phone.

It doesn’t end here though. Following the self-cleaning screen feature, another game was hidden in the google web calendar. Similar to space invaders, users could watch as their daily tasks turned into descending tiles and you could shoot them using the space bar and relax as all your meetings and appointments cleared and gave you high score. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a free day?


In the middle of making a lego set and not finding that one coloured piece even though it’s probably right in front of your face? We’ve all been there. Lego fans were excited seeing a tweet from the official twitter Lego account stating that a find my brick app was coming soon. The title is pretty self-explanatory but the app was for helping you find the bricks you were trying to find using your phones camera. Too bad it was 1st April.



We’ve all had that one moment of pure panic picking up our phone from the ground to see if the phone’s screen was cracked or not. Well, many weren’t too happy to receive a notification from the said app and finding their phones’ screen cracked. Some figured it out be a prank immediately, but some still fell for the prank and were not too happy. A particular user even believed that they had pressed too hard on the screen and caused it to crack, so we think it was a success!


Facetune has a million users and some of them requested to be able to use it on their furry friends. The app heard that request and tweeted out that they now had an app called “Catune” so the cats selfies could be as great as their owners. Upon opening the website linked in the tweet it said ‘Your cat is already flawless’ and they’re not wrong.



Famous for their somewhat functional April fools’ prank, in 2017 google introduced a Ms. Pac-Man game that users could pay in the google maps application on April 1st. Upon opening the application, users were taken to a random location on the map where they could outrun the ghosts. There were countless Ms. Pac-Man fans out there who were living for this prank. This was also a throwback to 2 years back when google introduced a similar feature except that it was Pac-Man instead of Ms. Pac-Man.

Google Maps Adds Ms. PAC-MAN Feature for April Fools Day | eTeknix


Designed to troll Facebook for cloning snapchat over the years, this prank was widely enjoyed. Although only available for a day, this filter made your snap look like an Instagram post. Users could use it by swiping through the regular geolocation filters.

Snapchat pulled off the only good April Fools' Day prank this year - Vox



Going against their name on April fools’ day 2016, Innocent drinks and smoothies pranked their employees using a classic joke. The prank included replacing the cream from a sandwich cookie and replacing it with toothpaste. The cookies were then put on a plate for the employees to enjoy and a camera was set up so people all over the world could watch their reactions live and give their thoughts.


Not being able to decide what you want for dinner is a common problem we all face. Deliveroo seemingly found a solution for that on 1st April 4 years ago (no surprise there). The app claimed that now you could order food through your mind. The update was also said to have a feature that detected what food the customer was craving and order it using brainwaves only.



Already specializing in smart electronics, the brand announced that they were now releasing a smart knife with “cutting-edge technology”. The knife had most of the smartphone features and was supposedly a chef’s best friend. In addition to being waterproof, the knife also consisted with a foldable handle for easy storage.

10. Google

Ending our list, we have Google, again. Smartbox by Inbox, was a smart mailbox with multiple features. The mailbox was said to be able to sort out your mail into useful and junk, and organize your mail, just like on the google inbox app. Smartbox could also set its temperature so it was never too hot or too cold to touch and would send you a notification every time you received mail.

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