Ramadan Campaigns

Ramadan is a month of blessings and good deeds. In this month everyone looks out for each other and feels as a part of a bigger community. And the brands with their Ramadan Campaigns come forward to be a part of this community as well.

1.Heinz ABC

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Heinz ABC Indonesia kept their factories up and running in order to cater to the need of their customers during the month of Ramadan. The company assured its buyers that the factories will be open throughout Ramadan so they can ensure their products reach the customers’ tables from the market. With the slogan “We step out, so you don’t have to”, Heinz ABC conveys the message that they are always there to play their part in the society. They also ensured that they took proper measures and safety precautions to make sure the product reaches the iftar table safely.


To be respectful to their customers fasting in the month of Ramadan, instead of displaying food items on their drive-thru screens, the brand showcased sand clocks counting down the time till iftar. As food pictures may increase temptations while fasting, they worked towards avoiding that and instead have a better alternative. The sand in the sand clocks fell into a mold shaped like fries or burgers, carrying on for 12 hours. As the mold filled up, it indicated how much time was left and when the last grain of sand fell, it meant that the customers could now open their fast and enjoy a delicious McDonald’s meal.


In 2018, the brand launched Pakistan’s first ever digital donation drive in Ramadan to give back to the community. The drive was a continuation of the brand’s earlier campaign “Bottle of change” that encouraged people to work for the cause originated by Abdul Sattar Edhi. Multiple celebrities came forward and took part in it by using social media as a platform to inspire viewers to help others. People could donate online by a call or message. During the livestream, audiences could also ask questions from celebrities present on set including Edhi’s wife and son. All-inclusive, the event accomplished its goal and gained significant achievement.

4.Emirates Airlines

In their 2018 Ramadan campaign, Emirates Airlines offered exclusive iftar meals for their passengers that were fasting during the flight. Along with this they also had Ramadan Programs that the passengers could watch to pass the time. The purpose of it all being for the passengers to feel at home while on board. They could also give donations to specific charities to be in the full spirit of the Holy Month while they were going back to their loved ones.


During the tough times we faced during Ramadan in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, Ooredoo raised its user’s spirits by reminding the people of all the ways they could use Ooredoo for to stay connected with the world and enjoy the Holy Month. Whether it was to keep up with the world or passing the time, from sharing special moments with family and friends to staying in touch with loved ones that are far away, it was all made possible using Ooredoo. Along with this, the campaign video was filmed on mobile phones by people in 11 different companies showing how no matter how far we are, we can still stay connected.

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